Sherry Collins

Sherry has over 30 years experience in entertainment as a highly motivated and energetic leader in the areas of theatre, radio, and film industries.

In 1981, she began a career at Radio station KSLM/KSKD in Salem, Oregon. Despite her lack of experience in radio, the management of KSLM/KSKD recognized the potential and work ethic that Sherry was willing to bring to this job and they decided to "give her a try". Over the course of the next seven years, Sherry's ability to work with a variety of business owners and produce clear, positive results led to her being promoted to the General Manager's position for KSLM Radio in 1987.

In 1981, shortly after starting at KSLM/KSKD, Sherry was asked to help with the Tin Man costume for a local theater production of The Wizard of Oz. It soon became clear that Sherry had additional talents to offer and was asked to take on a larger role in costuming: that of costume designer, where she conceptualized, designed, and supervised costume production for elaborate shows like Oklahoma, The Music Man, My Fair Lady and dozens more.

By 1990 deregulation had led to the growing consolidation of radio stations into larger conglomerates. While this may have had merit as a business model, it did not provide the local service and commitment on which Sherry had built her reputation. Therefore, in 1990, Sherry elected to change careers. Sherry was recruited to work for the State of Oregon, to which she brought her people-skills, research abilities, and strong work ethic. Soon she was being asked to take on larger leadership roles including synchronizing budgets and coordinating with the Legislature. Sherry continued working with the State of Oregon until her retirement in 2008.

Throughout the 1980s Sherry continued to undertake a wider range of responsibilities and roles both on-stage and back-stage in area theaters. As an actor/singer she had studied private voice and acting in college and was in many theatrical productions. In 1991 she took a step forward with her directorial debut at Pentacle Theatre in Salem. Through her role as a director, Sherry realized another dream of being able to visualize and bring to life the written word. Today, Sherry focuses her directorial talents mostly on her church where she has directed several musicals, many consisting of ensembles that exceeded one-hundred people, including singers, actors, musicians, and crew.

Shortly after retiring in 2008, she was contacted by a former colleague from her radio days, who had since gone on to make a career in the film and television industry. Her colleague was making a documentary and wanted to recruit Sherry to assist. The following year Sherry joined the company, Aegis Film and Television Group (AFTG) as an associate producer and subsequently was named president of their affiliated film company, Aegis Faith Films (AFF). Sherry served as an associate producer for AFTG's production Crossmaglen (now in pre-production - see Crossmaglen on iMDB). In this role she spent 10 weeks in Ireland and England working with other producers, scouting site locations, photographing multiple areas, and developing logistics strategies for housing the actors and crew. In addition, Sherry has been working closely with the screenwriter in making adaptations and edits consistent with the location. For AFF, Sherry served as a producer for Katie's Story (in pre-production - see Katie's Story at AAG).

In 2011 Sherry became an associate producer with Rogers Entertainment Group on a documentary titled Hot Water (see Hot Water on iMDB). In this role, Sherry expanded her skills as a researcher and still photographer, in addition to participating in the interviewing process for the film.

Although Sherry continues to work with Rogers Entertainment Group, on a consultant basis, she launched her own production company, Pacific Rain Productions, in January, 2013. Her first feature film, To the Very Gates, is scheduled for 2018.

Her expertise in evaluating site locations, reviewing scripts, researching a variety of topics, and photographic composition have proved valuable to many companies and individuals associated with all areas of the entertainment and media fields.

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