I was first introduced to Sherry Collins in 2009 through producer Arianna Eisenberg at Aegis Film and Television Group in Los Angeles. Sherry’s task was to work with me on a book I was writing – The Valhalla Secret – which Aegis was to publish.

Throughout that year I interacted with Sherry on the book’s development and its post-publication publicity. I then also worked closely with her on the novelisation of a film script, Crossmaglen.

Throughout I was increasingly impressed by her attention to detail, her promptness of reply, her lucidity, and her unfailing grasp of any situation which arose. On a personal level she was both charming, kind and an utter pleasure to deal with. I formed an extremely good impression of her and told Arianna Eisenberg so. (I happen to know that Arianna holds a similar high impression of Sherry).

In 2011 Sherry came to Europe with a fellow producer, Liz Rogers to work on some pre-production details for Crossmaglen in both England and Ireland. I then worked with Sherry and Liz on a daily basis, and for a short period they stayed as invited guests at my home.

Working with Sherry in person only reconfirmed my view of her as a tireless worker, with astonishing attention to detail, and as a reliable and trustworthy person. Sherry did what she said she would do, turned up at the times she was supposed to and just gave one an amazing feeling of confidence in her and her abilities.

This was an individual I was proud and pleased to have working on a movie project in which I had invested so much time and effort, and as a guest in my home. I am not surprised she has launched her own company – it’s about time – and I’ve assured her that if I can find a suitable project for her to produce I’d be delighted if she’d do so.

I really can’t speak too highly of Sherry Collins, and I stress it was me, who when I learned she was starting Pacific Rain, suggested I give her a testimonial. With typical unassuming modesty she had not thought to ask for one.

I have worked with many executives over the years and I’ve rarely worked with one of such confidence and ability.

I would be delighted to expand on this by e-mail or telephone conversation with any interested party.

Stuart White: March, 2013.

Stuart can be contacted at:
stuartwhite383@btinternet.com or:
(44) 1323 470 086



If I’m to talk about Sherry Collins in any measure I would have to start with who she is personally. She is first and foremost one of the most genuine, humble and loving individuals I’ve ever known. She has a deep love for her friends and family and is tremendously giving to her community.

It is no small wonder that those attributes also flow into her professional life as well. Arguably she is one of the most creative women I’ve known and worked with and I have tremendous regard and respect for her on that level.

She has a tremendous eye for detail and is one of the most prolific photographers I’ve known. Her work in that area, as well as production, is exceptional. In terms of research she’s second to none and generally one of the most efficient and delightful people to know and work with.

To Sherry nothing is impossible and everything attainable. Her good cheer, work ethic and joy in working on each new creative project is inspiring and uplifting. She is one of a kind and I’m very, very proud to know her and have her participation and input on everything we do.

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